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The worldwide tried and tested Guitar wall mount 16280 comes with an attractive wall mount, which is made out of sturdy steel.  Comfortable handling due to the 30° angle access. The guitars can be placed close to each...
Guitarophæng med AGS Auto Grip System Plus special designet til slatwall rillepaneler. AutoSwivel AGS Yoke til både venstre og højrevendt brug.
Guitarophæng i sort pulverlakering special designet til slatwall rillepaneler. Kan bruges både venstre og højrevendt.
BEMÆRK B-Stock: Emballage mangler. The El Grande Bass Fuzz is a versatile and brutal fuzz designed just for bass. We took a classic 70’s fuzz circuit, re-tuned it for more low end, and added a DEEP switch that...
ETP92 Medium/Long Scale 050 065 085 105. ETB92 Black Nylon Tapewound har en kombination av värme, djup ton med en ultramjuk känsla. Strängen är slipad och polerad, och ger en djup fokuserad Vintage-ton eller lite...
MOOER Groove Loop X2 ultimate Guitar Looper Pedal Stereo mono looper and drum machine combo pedal with 14 save slots, 140 minutes loops 121 Drum Grooves, Editor Software.
The sound of rock’n’roll – from light drive to heavy crunch, guitar wouldn’t be the same without it. The Hammertone™ Distortion delivers the legendary distorted tones you need for nearly any style of music. The active...
Subtly sweetened leads, clucky country slap back, surfy swells, rhythmic dotted-eighths and huge ambient washes – it’s been a defining factor in just about every genre of guitar music. The Hammertone™ Delay provides...
Aggressive and dynamic distortion can be elusive – with powerful tone-shaping EQ controls, top-mounted in & out jacks and true bypass switching, the Hammertone™ Metal delivers chunky high gain that sits perfectly...
Whether you’re pushing your cranked amp into full-blown distortion or just adding some warmth, grit and character to your clean sound, the Hammertone™ Overdrive is an essential addition to your rig. This compact drive...
The Hammertone™ Reverb delivers three classic reverb effects – Hall, Room and Plate – in a compact stomp that will integrate seamlessly into your rig. Powerful damping control and tone switch offer supreme...
The Hammertone™ Fuzz captures the iconic splat, saturation and horn-like sustain used on the formative records of rock’n’roll history. Despite its small size, this purple-tinged, psychedelic stompbox is feature-packed...
Glassy, shimmering, and bubbly– the Hammertone™ Chorus is a simple and powerful modulation device designed to deliver pristine choral sweeps. Pedal board-friendly top-mounted in & out jacks and true bypass...
Warm, analog-style saturation and gorgeous ‘tape’ warble combine to make the Hammertone™ Space Delay a perfect companion for any ambience-inclined soundscapist. From subtle and natural repeats to awesomely oscillating...
Originally achieved by physically pushing the tape flange on a reel-to-reel recording device, flanging is one of the earliest guitar-effects. The Hammertone™ Flanger delivers dramatic, rushing jet stream waves and...
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