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Archive for November, 2017

  • SOURCE AUDIO Ventris Reverb

    Nathan Navarro does it again. Dials in a sound that inspires him and just goes with the flow and plays something amazing. This time, Source Audio’s new Ventris Dual Reverb is the source for...Læs mere

    11/22/2017 Video 0
  • ROTOSOUND Tru Bass 88 Fattens Up Any Bass

    There is a lot of talking about bass strings these days. Often this debate evolves around nickel versus stainless steel, but there are other choices out there… Rotosound’s Tru Bass 88 brings a...Læs mere

    11/22/2017 Video 0
  • MOOER Ola Englund Tests 4 Micro Preamp Pedals

    Ola Englund knows what pure metal should sound like. But he also recognizes that there are different flavors that can be great for various purposes. In this video he has picked four of the Mooer...Læs mere

    11/22/2017 Video 0