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MOOER micro preamps are sonically accurate digital recreations of the preamp sections of popular tube amplifiers. We have developed these by directly analyzing real tube amplifiers using a brand new technology to...
Noise killer pedal med 2 Working Modes: Hard/Soft. Hard: Provide hard effect of noise reduction. Soft:  Provide soft effect of noise reduction. Full metal shell. True bypass.
Triangolo A welcome addition to the Micro digital range from MOOER is the TRIANGOLO tremolo pedal. Following hot on the heels of our very popular TRELICOPTER, we wanted to make a new tremolo pedal which does something...
MICRO LOOPER inherits the MINI size of MICRO SERIES. Record, playback, stop, overdub and delete, all these functions can be controlled by one single footswitch. This gives you an easy and direct operation experience....
The 'Envelope' from MOOER is a pocket sized 'envelope filter'/'dynamic auto wah' pedal with big tone and lots of versatility.The sensitivity control allows you to dial in the effect to respond to the dynamics of your...
A powerful 32bit DSP chip is the engine in this super MOOER machine. It gives you a classic 60s sound, which takes you into the retro psychedelic trip. Use the three effect modes: Chorus/ Vibrato/ Rotary. Chorus: A...
Classic optical tremolo with huge range of speeds and depths. The BIAS knob brings various color of the tremolo sound. The Trelicopter is designed after the famous Demeter TRM-1 Tremulator.
A digital distortion pedal with a wide variety of heavy metal style distortion tones. The three low, level and high control knobs facilitate all popular metal sounds. With the RAGE knob you can dial in the anger. The...
Lille og kompakt kromatisk pedal Tuner fra Mooer med LED display. Kræver strømforsyning (medfølger ikke) og kan ikke køre på batteri. Pedalen har "true bypass" og passer både til 4 og 5 strengede basser samt 6 og 7...
Fast and accurate tuning, a bright and colorful display, and is suitable for guitar and bass guitar tuning in any situation. A straightforward and intuitive UI and mechanical clip allows users to tune quickly and...
Macro Power Macro Power Power S8 is a pedal power supply with eight output power supply jacks, equipped with vary functions input voltage switch、independent output power jacks、over-current protection and adjustable...
Eight independent out put short circuit protection design, when one circuit output failure, other out put lines still can work independently.
The MOOER "Liquid" is a pocket sized Digital Phase pedal crammed full of cool features. The large control knob allows you to choose from 5 very different Phasers which range from subtle vintage phase to outright wacky...
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